Straight Rye Whiskey (Mini)
Straight Rye Whiskey (Mini)
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Straight Rye Whiskey (Mini)

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A whiskey worth a thousand words.

Inspired by bold conversation, this straight rye whiskey recalls memories of late nights spent with your closest friends at your favourite bar, solving the world’s biggest problems. Distilled from some of the finest rye, corn and malted barley and matured in new charred American Oak casks, its naturally-coloured amber tones and exceptional taste make this whiskey your perfect companion in any conversation.

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  • 48% ABV, 90ml
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How Does it Taste?

In a word: magnificent. Aromas of french vanilla, oak and caramel are perfectly balanced with flavours of deliciously tart baked apple, honey butter, cinnamon, cloves and rye spice. With a warm, sweetly spiced finish, we’re confident you’ll find the taste a conversation starter all on its own.

Your Whiskey, Your Way.

We’ve matured this whiskey for years in new, charred, American Oak casks through snow-filled northern winters and hot Australian summers. And just like you, it’s well travelled. From our distilling partners in the US, it traverses land and sea before arriving in Australia to be carefully hand-bottled and delivered to your door.

Whether neat, on ice or in a cocktail, we’ve crafted this whiskey for you to enjoy in the best way you could imagine: in good conversation and great spirits.

Drink Well 🌱 Do Good.

It’s also a whiskey with a social conscience. Through our non-profit partners like Eden Reforestation Projects, every bottle you buy helps us to plant ten trees and provide employment opportunities in some of the most heavily deforested and impoverished regions of the world.

Spirit Data

Mash Bill: Rye (51%), Corn (44%), Barley (5%)
% ALC / VOL: 48% (96 proof)
Source: MGPI of Indiana
Barrel Wood: New American Oak
Char: Staves No. 4; Heads No. 2; No toast
Age: At least 3.5 years
Treatment: Non-chill filtered; Non-carbon treated

Naturally Coloured

Tasting Notes.


Rich copper and ochre tones.


Layers of french vanilla, oak and caramel intertwine with one another. A second pass reveals hints of pear, apple and almond dancing in its depths.


The decadence of rich apple crumble. Deliciously tart baked apples blend with toffee nut, beurre noisette and a subtle, yet elegant touch of cinnamon, cloves and rye spice.


Warming, medium-long and sweetly spiced with a delicate hint of mint.

Statecraft straight rye whiskey tasting profile chart.

The Grains.


Spiciness of cinnamon, cloves and rye


Sweeter flavours of vanilla, honey butter and caramel


Nutty, roasted, toffee-like flavours

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