Spirited Diplomacy

At Statecraft Distilling Co, we believe in business as a force for good. That’s why we’re proud to partner with global non-profit organisations who are helping to address some of the greatest challenges facing us all. And as our business grows, we’ll extend these partnerships to help others trying to address the world’s most wicked problems. It’s part of what we call ‘spirited diplomacy’ and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Eden Reforestation Projects

Founded in 2004, Eden’s mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished communities as agents of global forest restoration. Since commencing operations in Ethiopia, they’ve planted over 384 million trees in places such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, and Central America where extreme poverty is widespread.

You can find more information about Eden Reforestation Projects here.

Statecraft & Eden Reforestation Projects

Great whiskey only comes from great wood, and as we work to bring our single cask, straight rye whiskey to life, we’re heavily dependent on high-quality, sustainable forestry products. And we’re not alone.

More than 1.6 billion people around the world rely on forests for shelter, livelihoods, water, fuel, and food security. Deforestation has a devastating impact on the natural environment. It affects wildlife, ecosystems and weather patterns, is a primary contributor to climate change and can endanger the communities that rely on forests for their continued existence. Yet it continues.

In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we’re helping to address this problem.

How it works

  1. Purchase: You purchase a bottle of our single cask, hand-bottled, straight rye whiskey.
  2. Plant: Through our global non-profit partners, we plant ten trees in some of the most heavily deforested parts of the world.
  3. Provide: By hiring people from local communities to plant every tree, your purchase also helps to reduce poverty by providing fair wage employment opportunities.

If you’d like to know more, head over to our FAQ and subscribe to The Statecraft Journal for updates on our planting progress!

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