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b.tan tanned AF... self tan bronzing mist, 7 fl oz.

b.tan tanned AF... self tan bronzing mist, 7 fl oz.

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imagine being the darkest . most bronzed version of yourself in just one short hour. be tanned AF in seconds. this is tanned AF made easy. spray on. get dark. glow on. what comes easy . won't last forever. but that shouldn't mean you can't bask in all its super sexy tanned AF bronzed up glory while it lasts… let life be as hard as choosing tonight's outfit or which selfie to upload and just embrace the kind of glow that comes as easy with b.tan tanned AF bronzing mist. so . love your tan even more . knowing that you're making a positive choice for yourself and the environment. b.tan tanned AF bronzing mist is a vegan friendly formula that is PETA -approved cruelty free - so you can love your tan ever more knowing you're using a self tanner that cares about your skin and cares about the planet. Wanting to know how to to truly tanned AF: here's how: first up . get naked. or at least naked enough to tan your super hot bod. make sure your skin is clean . exfoliated and dry. spray about 15cm/6" away from skin in even . sweeping movements. spray too much? no drama. just blend away with your b.tan mitt. wash your hands . wait at least 1 hour and then shower. if you want it crazy dark - double coat it . leave on for 4+ hours.

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