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b.tan too tan to give a damn - self tan mousse, 6.7 fl oz

b.tan too tan to give a damn - self tan mousse, 6.7 fl oz

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when the only life decision you're ready to make is that you just want an insanely dark tan . this is the bottle for you. Too tan to give a damn is the ultimate ticket to a carefree . beautifully bronzed life. When your too tan to give a damn . your problems just seem to go away… like . you're at a lively party . and it's all good vibes until you realize your phone is as dead as last year's trends . you've lost your squad in the crowd . and you're counting your pennies until payday. But hey . look in the mirror! Your insanely dark tan is absolutely flawless. Life's curveballs can't faze you when you're rocking that unapologetically deep . sun-kissed glow. With b.tan too tan to give a damn . you're not just tanning; you're embracing a new way of life. So . why let the little things get you down when you can be too tan to give a damn . babe? b.tan too tan to give a damn is a vegan friendly formula that is PETA -approved cruelty free - so you can love your tan ever more knowing you're using a self tanner that cares about your skin and cares about the planet. Wanting to know how to be too tan to give a damn: here's how: first up . get naked. or at least naked enough to tan your super hot bod. make sure your skin is clean . exfoliated and dry. apply mousse with your b.tan tan mitt . wash your hands . wait at least 1 hour and then shower. if you want it crazy dark - double coat it . leave on for 4+ hours. for longer lasting self tan results . make sure to moisturize your skin every day. even better . use a gradual tan to moisturize + top up color each and every day. so you can fall in love with tan for longer.

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